Dalmatian prosciutto with aromatised olives (100 gr)

80,00 kn

Selection of Pag cheeses with homemade marmalade and nuts (100 gr)

95.00 kn

Baby beef fillet carpaccio on a bed of rocket salad aromatised with white truffle and fresh porcini mushrooms

85,00 kn

Steak tartare (150 gr)
butter, toasted bread

150,00 kn

Steak tartare with truffle (150 gr)
butter, toasted bread

180,00 kn

Foie gras ganache

80,00 kn

Cold sea plate
smoked swordfish tartare with pistachio powder, tuna carpaccio, prawns marinated in orange juice with vanilla flavour on a bed of goat curd with truffle flavour

95,00 kn

Octopus salad

79,00 kn

Scampi pâté

65,00 kn

Adriatic tuna tartare (100 gr)

100,00 kn

Smoked swordfish carpaccio on barley and cranberries with timut pepper

85 kn

Vegetarian salad

65,00 kn


Oxtail ragout soup

40,00 kn

Creamy scampi soup with broccoli

45,00 kn

Fish soup essence
fish meat, shrimps, shellfish

40,00 kn

Creamy pea and mint soup

35,00 kn

Pasta & Risotto

˝Pljukanci˝ pasta with pieces of beefsteak, cherry tomatoes and rocket salad

98,00 kn

“Fuži” pasta with Dalmatian pancetta, truffles and porcini mushrooms

120,00 kn

Ravioli stuffed with shrimps and spring onions on carrot cream aromatised with rosemary

100,00 kn

Tagliatelle with scampi, dried tomatoes and pistachio powder

120,00 kn

“Fuži” pasta with scampi, truffles and celery cream

125,00 kn

Red rice with variegated scallops and fresh vegetable brunoise

125,00 kn

Wheat with smoked seafood

115,00 kn

Risotto with scampi, pine nuts and Pag cheese ice cream

135,00 kn

Black risotto with cuttlefish carpaccio

95,00 kn


Grilled quality fish (1 kg)

450,00 kn

Quality fish brodetto/gregada (1 kg)

470,00 kn

Fish in forno (1 kg)
fish baked with potatoes, vegetables and spices

500,00 kn

Salt-baked quality fish (1 kg)

470,00 kn

Adriatic tuna fillet (250 gr)
Swiss chard with broad beans and cherry tomatoes

150,00 kn

Scallops (4 pcs)
baked beetroot cream, lime zest and seaweed emulsion

250,00 kn

Spicy calamari on baby Swiss chard with sweet corn cream

145,00 kn

Sea bass fillet with baked scampi flavour with Swiss chard and baby potatoes

205,00 kn

Grilled/Buzara-style warty Venus shells (1 kg)

290,00 kn

Grilled/Buzara-style scampi (1 kg)

450,00 kn


Beefsteak (250 gr)
baby potatoes, grilled courgettes

145,00 kn

Beefsteak in prosecco and timut pepper (250 gr)
almond purée, grilled courgettes

205,00 kn

Beefsteak in truffle sauce (250 gr)
homemade gnocchi

195,00 kn

Beefsteak in mushroom sauce (250 gr)
rice with pancetta

175,00 kn

T-bone steak (500 - 600 gr)
courgette patties, tomato salsa

275,00 kn

Tomahawk steak (1000 - 1200 gr)
gratinated potatoes, stewed vegetables

450,00 kn

Rib-eye steak in truffle sauce (300 gr)
baby potatoes

190,00 kn

Tagliata (220 gr)
beefsteak on a bed of leafy green salad and cherry tomatoes, served with Grana Padano and balsamic vinegar emulsion

150,00 kn

Lamb chops (350 gr)
aromatised with acacia honey on pea cream with cashew nuts, flax seeds, and lime peel with baby potatoes

185,00 kn

Foie gras cured in cognac and orange juice with tiger prawns on almond and hazelnut crumble with Granny Smith apple and forest fruit cream

225,00 kn

Side dishes

Grilled vegetables

35,00 kn

Dalmatian-style Swiss chard

45,00 kn

Butter rice

30,00 kn

French fries

25,00 kn

Julienned vegetables

35,00 kn


dark chocolate soufflé, truffle ice cream, almond and chocolate crumble, apple and pear cream

65,00 kn

Homemade ice cream with almond and orange croquant

40,00 kn

White chocolate cream with orange flavour, forest fruit

38,00 kn

Dalmatian rožata cake

35,00 kn

Fruit salad with homemade ice cream

45,00 kn

Pancakes (2 pcs)
Nutella spread, ice cream, blueberries, walnuts

50,00 kn

Lemon sorbet

48,00 kn

Dark chocolate mousse with fleur de sel, extra-virgin olive oil and apricots from alcoholic compote

50,00 kn

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