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Braco Sanjin Chef

  • Winner of the most prestigious award globally (the Platinum Oscar, International Culinary Artist Competition Yi Yin Cup 2018), bears the title of the world’s best culinary artist of 2018
  • Member of the elite culinary society seated in London, World Master Chefs Society

Through lifelong learning and bold combinations of ingredient, he will leave each guest speechless.

He started his career 19 years ago, in a small family restaurant in Tučepi. It turned out soon he had a culinary gift and could experiment in the kitchen. As his dishes got more complex and ambitious, he perfected his culinary skills, and he decided to present them to the global scene. This turned out to be a great investment. He was guided towards culinary education and Master Chef examination by gastronomer Veljko Barbieri. Later, through experience and continuous education, he mastered the culinary techniques and started to develop his own skills into real craftsmanship.

Over the course of ten years, Damir has won numerous medals at various world competitions. The crown of his career was winning the award at the world’s largest culinary competition, the “International Culinary Artist Competition Yi Yin Cup”. He took the most prestigious award in the world, the “Platinum Oscar” in the ‘modern kitchen’ category. Additionally, he won the title of the world’s best culinary artist in 2018.

What mostly speaks for his creativity, knowledge and expertise are his dishes. Next to turning meal preparation into art, he also enjoys the role of trainer and mentor.

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