Restaurant Kadena offers an ultimate gastronomic experience with a distinct air of luxury to it.

We offer personalized fine dining and delicious courses created as a modern combination of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and segments of molecular gastronomy.


Seats in a comfortable ambient. Terrace with a breath-taking view of the islands. Modern architecture that binds wood and stone.


Members of the staff who through their creativity, know-how and professionalism ensure that you meet new flavours and feel content.

Unique dishes and desserts served in our restaurant and modernly designed interior focusing on detail and material will certainly enliven all you senses.

A personalized approach to fine dining enables us to cater to different needs and wishes. We customize dishes to individual preferences of each guest. You choose the orientation, whether we prepare you fish, meat or a combination, and our part is to exceed your expectations.

Equipped with an exquisite set of skills, our team will prepare from four- up to eight-course meals. Not only can you choose from a large selection of steaks, Tomahawk and Teres Major being our go-to, but you can also taste Japanese kitchen delights – Sushi, Sashimi and Tataki. The menu also includes pea and corn essence. To further entice your imagination, we shall mention a unique dessert of ours, 'KADENA', made with white chocolate, almond and passion fruit. Skillful hands of our chefs prepare squid ink flatbread, flavoured with dehydrated bacon, served by our staff along with homemade butter and truffle butter.

Last but not least, our exquisite wine selection offers superior-quality Croatian and foreign wine, superior cognac, whisky and gin.

VIP Salon

Perfect venue for private meetings, enjoyment and gatherings in an intimate environment.

Up to 16 persons

Looking for internship?
Seeking employment?

We want to bring out the best out of young chefs and future professionals, so we always try to use the internship in the way that it teaches them knowledge and love towards gastronomy. We are open for applications and we invite all those interested who want to develop their skills and talents to apply for internship.
Experienced waiters and kitchen staff are also welcome to apply for a place in our growing team.

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